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August 14 2011

Happy Birthday Robin Balzer! Cheers for the Minder of Buffy S8 Issue 10, the only character in all the 'verses who's got the same name in our 'verse!

Here is the Comic Book Resources story of how Robin came to be chosen as Minder. Here is a story on Joss's original announcement and Jerrod's letter.

Thanks, Pointy! Robin is taking a nap after a big birthday lunch that some friends treated her to, then she'll be enjoying her gifts. She's a happy girl!
Awesome, Jerrod! You two are my heroes!
That's wonderful to hear! It's always a wonderful birthday when you spend it with family and friends :D

Happy Birthday, Robin!
One of my fave characters in the verse and I'm so glad it brings joy to the real Robin. Such a beautiful gesture of kindness and hope. Happy Birthday Robin!
I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Robin, who inspired one of the best issues in BtVS S8!
Whew! - just in under the wire. My very best to Our Favorite Minder, and all the other Minders out there. And their Minders, too.

So Happy Almost-Belated Birthday, Robin. I hope it's been a good 'un.
This is belated on my part, but still want to wish Robin all the best for the coming year.

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