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August 15 2011

SFX's "Worlds of Whedon" interviews now on Kindle. If you couldn't get a hold of the magazine, you can now buy the interviews as a standalone eBook at Amazon.

The link there goes to the download page, but it's available on the US store as well.

Since I missed the original magazine (didn't want to import it) this will be a great way to read these interviews!
It's also available in Zinio on the iPad (has been for some time), thus I have a digital and a physical copy of it.
Ooh, you and your la-dee-da "thus"ing.
I know you prefer la-da-dee'ing, but *rest of joke goes here*.
I don't care that I already have the magazine, this makes me want the Kindle more than before! I just wish it was in color. I don't want to look at black and white illustrations and images when reading magazines/books.

Btw, for people who don't know(or didn't bother to read the article), it's available to read anywhere, kindle or no kindle, since you can download a Kindle-programme onto your computer and read it there.

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Or Kindle Cloud Reader or App for tablets or, hey, you could wait until Amazon releases their new color tablet in Octoberish.

What happens if you have the Kindle app on an iPad/iPhone, are the illustrations in colour then?

This seems slightly overpriced to me, but good to see magazines thinking creatively about selling their stuff.

I think I recall reading a e-book in black and white on my laptop after buying from amazon. I think it was simply made that way, since the Kindle wouldn't be able to use color anyway. But don't take my word for it.


I'm going to ignore the tone, which I read as rude(sorry if you didn't intend it) and simply be thankful for the information about the color Kindle, and hope it's more than rumour.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2011-08-16 12:59 ]
What? I'm not sure where the rude came from --- the only conceivable thing I can think is that you misread the "or, hey" as rude instead of excited to share gadget info. Please rest assured that no rudeness was intended.

I do wonder if they'll call it a Kindle or come up with a new name. I suspect it'll be a heavily modified Android OS, sort of like BN did with the nook, but as a full on tablet and not just an e-reader. Amazon does have their own Android app store and would be the only Android tablet with a fully integrated ecosystem.

P.S. - some eBooks have color pics and some BW, so what you see is in some cases dependent upon the device you view from.
I apologize for the misunderstanding. I tried to read that in my head in a positive tone, but I couldn't, so I assumed it was rude. :/

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