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August 15 2011

Summer Glau in country music video. Keith Urban's new video clip "Long Hot Summer" featuring Summer Glau has been released.

Boring video, bad song, but Summer having work is fine by me.
Must say I agree with the b!X. Very dull song, that.
it is my firm opinion that the only good thing about this video is Summer.
Is it really a work or did Summer do it because she likes the artist?
I'm not sure this kind of job pays that much.
It's hilarious to me that this song is called 'Long, Hot Summer' when it mostly features Summer's long, hot legs. And her whole hot self, too, actually.
I just wanted to see Summer, so I watched the video with the sound turned off.

Before this video, I never knew how much I wanted to kiss Summer… underwater.
chris66, the constant promotion of the fansite you post at is getting very over the top. Please curtail it.
I got your message.

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Summer! That's her name!!
Well, I would question the judgment of anyone who wrote a song called "Long, Hot Summer" and didn't ask her to appear in the video. That said, she is quite the multi-genre icon, isn't she? At least I don't think she was playing a killing machine.

However: If there's going to be dancing, there should be Glau-dancing. And re: Kissing: If your tongue reaches her before your lips, you're doing it wrong.
Such hilarious cheese. I won't be watching it again, but I kind of dug it. Bit late to be releasing a summer song though, really.
I think a song called "Long Hot Summer" with a video featuring Summer Glau should be about Summer Glau - and nothing else.



Sorry - nervous tick. Not too bad. I'd probably enjoy it more if I liked country music, but nice all the same.

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Keith doesn't really look or sound convincing when he says he can't sleep. And he doesn't get the girl, and it is a pretty generic, over produced song. But always good to see Summer. Getting all kinds of Summer songs ideas now...
No problem there, I thought it was wonderful!
I like Summer, but she ain't gonna get me to listen to no country!
brinderwalt LOL! Actually, I was just going to point out that on the sixth page of comments (Almost all of which were about Summer) someone said "Apparently EVERYONE is obsessed with Summer Glau's feet. See what you've done, Joss?"

I haven't been a fan of Country since the days of Willie, Waylon, Merle and Crystal. Well, ok, I listened to the Judds, Randy Travis, early Garth Brooks, Kathy Mattea, but really haven't liked anything of this decade or the middle of the last. (With the exception of Jo Dee Messina's "I'm All Right" and the Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces" albums.) Modern Country just...isn't Country to me. Guess I'm just a fuddy.

But Summer! In shorts! What a charming smile she has. And her surfer boy's not too bad, either. "Ain't no cure for the Summer-time blues." Heh.
I agree, this song ain't nothing special. Summer is what makes this worth it.

ShadowQuest: You should check out Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans. I guess you'd call them country, and they're like gods to me. They were the band playing at the bar in Slither with Nathan.
Everybody's a surly critic, it seems.
The song is a bit of pleasant summer fluff.
A catchy melodic refrain. A youthful summer romance (dual-meaning intended). Summer's joi de vie and great smile make this a treat.

Well, I don't think I'm surly, but I'm afraid I agree with b!x. It's pretty bad when you feel the need to fast-forward through a 3-minute video.
Fyi there is now a making of video floating around.
As soon as I saw FEET I thought of Joss.
Decent to watch with sound off, huh?
Mehhh. When the water hit the amp all I
could think of was dire electrical results.

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