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August 15 2011

Tonight on Lifetime - Charisma Carpenter stars in 'Deadly Sibling Rivalry'. She plays identical twin sisters, one of which.... well you'll see from the official synopsis.

There's a lot of "Twins assuming the other one's identity" stuff going on right now. This, Ringer, that show on ABC Family...
The Lying Game. Yeah, not sure exactly what has spurred people's interest in this twin stuff though. Also, at this stage we should just finalise the w'verse contract stating that every member has an obligatation at some point in their lives to star in a Lifetime and/or Syfy Movie.
All I know is the trend spawned the term "twintrigue" and I'm so ok with that. Also, well-played Charisma...getting released before SMG. Surely that was no coincidence? Not that I'm implying there's any rivalry. Love them both!
Twin CCs is almost too much pretty for the world.
I'm just happy to see Charisma again, knew she was still out there! Think that equals a start, tell me I'm wrong.
Wow, can you say IRONY? Maybe I'll catch some of this.

ETA: Can we have Nathan, Alan and Adam all playing twins? Maybe it's part Three Twins and a baby and Battlestar Galactica: Three Twins in space. I'll take my Whedon peeps any way I can get them.

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SMG auditioned for Cordelia and CC auditioned for Buffy.

Hey I watched this. Charisma looks EXACTLY like Cordy! I don't know what painting she has in her attic, but it's hella working.

Also? Awful movie. My chest hurts. Why can't our talented/beautiful/amazing alum ALL get quality roles?

Yes, yes... life ain't fair, blah blah blah. Boo.
I loved the part where the twin doing the "put on" threw that annoying actress, Kim Richards (of the Real Housewives of L.A.), playing a blackmailer, inside the freezer chest, then sat on it as she begged to be released. I had an excellent laugh at the Cordy-ness of it before watching another show.

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"Aren't you dead yet?"... yes I laughed at that part too, though I didn't think it very Cordy.

Miss Thing would've opened the freezer at the last second and criticized her DEATH! ;)

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