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August 15 2011

Marti Noxon picks The Cabin in the Woods as a favorite horror comedy. The writer of Fright Night puts the forthcoming Whedon/Goddard flick on a top ten list. The US and UK find out for themselves on April 13, 2012.

Always thrilled when someone actually "gets" Jennifer's Body. Criminally underrated film.
I love Jennifer's Body. Love the allusions of sex, friendship and innocence in the film.
I didn't even notice she refers to Cabin as being "in classic Whedonesque style".
The world would have been a different place had we had been called BuffyFilter as originally intended. I wonder when the Cabin trailer will come out.
I wonder when the Cabin trailer will come out.

Approximately NOT SOON ENOUGH
I hated Jenifer's Body, it was absolute crap. I hope this is amazing though.
Loved Jennifer's Body.
I thought the first half was dire, the second half picked up considerably but by that stage I didn't really care. Deep Rising works considerably well as a horror comedy, it's very underated. Doghouse, well if you can get past the violent misogyny it's still awful.
I think Doghouse is a matter of perception. You can definitely see the film as blatantly misogynist, but I think there's also quite a few elements that point to problems for both genders. Rather than saying one gender is hopelessly flawed, you could say that both men and women are screwed, and it will inevitably lead to mutually assured destruction.

In other news, interesting list (I would have added Re-Animator and Lost Boys, but that's just me). I wish this had come out a few months ago, when I was actually taking a horror-comedy film class.
I'd replace Evil Dead 2 with Night of the Comet. I'll believe CiTW is out when I see showtimes for my area listed on Yahoo.
Tonya J, good call on NotC but I gotta say, I LOVE Evil Dead 2! (Dead by dawn!!!)

I always wonder why Videodrome never makes any of these lists.
Long live the new flesh!
Not sure "Videodrome" counts as a comedy. David Cronenberg's "Rabid," on the other hand, has the immortal line, "Blood's all I can eat, and it's all your fault!"
Oh and Carry on Screaming and The Burbs as well. Two classics.
What about Ravenous? Nobody ever talks about that one. That's in my top 3 of horror comedies.
What, no love for Slither and Tremors?

I remember seeing An American Werewolf in London at the theater when it first came out. It scared the bejeezuz out of me! I actually left the theater at one point, but went back inside because I just had to know what came next. I spent half the movie standing just inside the doors at the back of the theater, ready to bolt...
Much SLiTHER love here. Originally watched it in a nearly deserted theater, got the DVD, nearly wore it out, lost it, and about a month ago found another one in my daughter's DVD cabinet. Watched it again. It's worth at least once a year, I'd say.
Not being a major horror fan, I really can't wait for that one.
I don't know who this Jennifer person is, but you guys are definitely giving her self image issues... ;)
What, no Repossessed?

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