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August 16 2011

James Marsters' August Q&A is out. A somewhat brief Q&A this month, but interesting nevertheless.

Spotted dwerd? And why there is no difference between male and female, but he prefers being male, thank you very much.

I hereby express my interest in finding out what's a "spotted dwerd".
There should've been a follow up to this one:

When do you think a woman is at her best?
When she’s born.

I know, Z. He's such an ... interesting guy.

And I think he was messing with the interviewer about the Dwerd (actors have to think on their feet).
I'm probably putting more thought into this than is necessary, but I feel like the "When she's born" answer has more to do with people in general than with women in particular. This seems supported by the next question's answer. I think he made it gender specific just because the question itself was. I think, probably, the idea of people being their best selves when they're born -- innocent, not bitter, etc. -- is an idea that I can get behind. Maybe.

As for women and men not having large psychological differences, but him preferring to be a male, well, I reckon it's more to do with him having lived several decades as a male and so being more comfortable with that status than a general desire not to be a female.

Again, probably more thought than is needed, but that's how all that struck me on my first read. Interesting selection of questions this time around, I thought.
When do you think a woman is at her best?
When she’s born.

Yep. That was an interesting answer. Having nothing else to go by, I ran it through my own filters and interpreted it as part of that whole 'Awe For The Miracle Of Life' thing. Where upon, my immediate thought was to add "and in the moment of death"- which is just as mysterious and precious and weirdly beautiful an event to be present for. (But maybe that's just me?) However, after a thought or two passed, I did kind of wonder what kind of mind hears the word "woman," and thinks "newborn infant."

And no difference between male and female? I guess that all hinges on how he is defining the word "psychological." There are after all, physiological differences between the male and female brain. And life experiences are never going to be the same for both sexes. Personally,I'd factor both of those things into "psychological." But yeah, we are all human, so if that is where he is coming from... Okay. Yes.
I have a pet dwerd
kamw30, is it spotted, though?

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