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August 16 2011

Joss Whedon will appear in 'Captured Ghosts'. He got interviewed for the feature-length documentary about Warren Ellis. Presumably the Whedon/Ellis webseries that gets mentioned in the tweet is 'Wastelanders'.

A completely unscientific poll I did in May that netted all of 45 responses had Wastelanders come in 4th out of 4 choices for most anticipated Joss projects. (Dr. Horrible 2 won, with The Serving Girl second. Goners was wedged between that and Wastelanders.)
I think that Wastelanders sounds awesome, and I'll rate it higher than Serving Girl in my own anticipation, but I will always rank Doctor Horrible 2 highest so Warren Ellis' statement:

once you’re on the other side of AVENGERS, email me, and we’ll finish the bastard off. I’ll wait.

So that’s what we’ll do. And that gives me time to terminate anyone whom he might secretly work on musical numbers with.

is upsetting; I don't want Ellis to terminate ANYONE working on Doctor Horrible 2!!! That would not be cool.
I absolutely cannot wait for Wastelanders! Warren Ellis' peculiar brand of comedic dialogue that he injects into his science fiction storylines never fails to cause me to become wracked with such hearty guffaws that I break things with my terrible Viking laughter. Add Whedon's genius to the mix, and the result shall surely be utter Nerdvana for me.
I'm big fans of both, but I'm wondering how the two of them will meld their own very unique voices together into one project. I suppose Dollhouse on some level dealt with the sorts of things that seem to be Ellis' bread and butter (namely the melding of man and machine), but Ellis' work is so much more dark and bitter and vulgar than anything Whedon has done.

Still, to be a fly on the wall where these two are talking...
Two tweets from the director on what Joss said re: Wastelanders.
He basically said that the project was so in Warren's wheelhouse, he had to bring him in to work on it. And, it'll hopefully happen post Avengers.

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