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August 16 2011

The Avengers kicks off with a bang! Watch Joss and Co. blow up a bit of "New York" yesterday.

Shouldn't this be tagged as a spoiler?
An explosion doesn't really tell us anything about the story, does it? I don't think it's necessarily a spoiler.

I can only imagine Joss had an awesome day with this.
I think any epic summer movie is going to have an explosion. It doesn't really say anything about the plot.
Why do I have a sudden craving for a Dr Pepper?
Sorry, last thing I want to do is be a spoiler but I also figured that we've already seen cars getting flipped in the post-Captain America teaser and, well, yeah, "cars go boom" is industry standard spectacle at this late stage of the game.
I suppose technically, if someone was really serious about their spoilers, the fact that the scene takes place in might be a spoiler.

On any other website I'd laugh at someone for calling that a spoiler, but around here, crazy obsessive fanning is our bidness, myself included, so I'd be apt to agree with them.
I don't normally do spoilers, but what the hell - this is so cool! another explosion and yet more.
Also, I'm pretending that that isn't a movie shoot-- it's Joss being finally unleashed ON THE WORLD!
I'm kind of thinking the whole Avengers thing is a smokescreen for Joss to mount a huge campaign against the Hellmouth and somebody caught some footage of a skirmish here.
There's also photos of Chris Evans on the set in his Steve Rogers look as well as in the redesigned Captain America costume.
42nd street, eh? Of course.
If an attack on NYC is not an important part of the story, then this is not a spoiler. Of course, if it weren't an important part of the story, it wouldn't be in the movie.
Here are a variety of other pictures from the shoot, and at least one of them may hint at a major villain spoiler that we've heard a lot of conjecture about for the last few months. A couple great shots of Captain America and a whole mess of squad cars too:
NYPD cop car light bars look a lot different from what we have in California.
That's not a special's the Cleveland Hellmouth acting up...
Joss has to be happier than a pig in poo, blowing things up. What's that quote? "I haven't been happier since I turned Sunnydale into an innie?" Somebody help with this. QGal?
I already love this movie! I can't f@cking wait!

Do you think there will be skrulls?! I hope hulk does a lot of smashing and that there are skrulls.

I'm so psyched for Joss! Not only is he going to have a colossal and semi permanent boost in salary but I bet he will never again have problems getting his little pet projects funded. And plus he gets to make the best superhero movie EVER, about Earth's mightiest heroes.
I so agree with Squishy!
FloralBonnet, I was thinking of the commentary for the Firefly pilot, where Whedon is telling Fillion that (in a small boy voice) explosions are pretty.

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