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August 16 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for November. Buffy #3, Angel & Faith #4 and Dollhouse: Epitaph #5 of 5 all come out.

I'm kinda getting tired of Buffy's friends "not" being there for Buffy. But everything else sounds interesting. I wanna meet Buffy's roommates and the new Slayers and the cops! :D
Love the covers! And the details in the solicits have got me intrigued. The Buffy-on-the-run scenario has perked my interest. And honestly, I'm not too surprised that Willow, Xander, and Dawn aren't too eager to house a wanted fugitive considering Willow's on the outs with Buffy, and Xander and Dawn are trying to live that normal life.

I'm especially looking forward to this new vampire hunter meeting up with Spike. I'm sure they'll be the bestest of friends, no doubt. ;-)
I'm starting to think way less of them, because having a normal life doesn't mean abandoning your sister and friend. One of your relatives/friends being followed by the police happens in normal life anyway. And just because Willow is on the outs with Buffy it doesn't mean she shouldn't be there for her when it counts.
Spike's role from the info reminds me of Angel in Buffy Season 1. The new vampire slayer reminds me of Holtz. Nice covers btw.
Spike's role does sound like Angel's in S1 and early S2, the vampire hiding in the shadows who only appears to deliver bad news. But I'm hoping it won't stay like that for too long.
I'm trying to work out how peacocks tie-in with a big bad. Feathers maketh the villain? I'm guessing that #5 will be stand-alone which kinda fits with what Gage told SFX ( are guesting).
interesting synopsis. I'm not that impressed by the Buffy covers this time around, they're both pretty good, but just some things I'm not sure about. Steve Morris' cover I really like, but Willow looks odd. And Georges' cover, not bad, his #2 cover was better.
I miss Jo Chen's covers. :-(
Not entirely tangentially, since Nov. is the last issue, the letters column for the latest Dollhouse was empty. Get cracking with your questions/comments (they can even be about the TV show). Ping with 'em.
I haven't been following the spoilery blurbs for Season 9, so the bit about Angel & Faith number 4 hit me like a punch to the gut. Angel tends to deal with the finality of death pretty well - he mourns and he broods (and so often blames himself), but he knows the dangers of trying to bring people back. A resurection
Well, I'm certainly intrigued and can't wait to see what happens in 9.
Steve Morris' Buffy is incredible.
I really can't help but be deeply saddened that we aren't getting Jo Chen's amazing work. Her facebook mentioned working on covers (plural) for Season 9 though, so here's hoping she's back on soon. I really can't get behind Morris's covers. They're just too ethereal and weird to me. Not a fan of the style at all. Jeanty's covers are always hit or miss. This one's kinda nifty actually. Looks like our slayer-man has glowy doom powers for vamps.

Yea, the Scoobies kinda suck by how this solicit sounds. I mean come on. Surprised and disturbed that Angel's looking into resurrection magick. Wonder how badly that's gonna turn out for him. Much as I've always prefered Btvs over Ats, I'm more psyched for A&F as of late.

Dollhouse covers are intriguing. The gatefold cover is cute.
These Angel covers sure are ratcheting up the suspense bracket by a thousand. First the Mohra demon and break away image and now Angel working hard to bring Giles back. I can't wait to get my hands on these.

Like others I would like to kick Willow, Xander and Dawn for their relapse into the Empty Places mind set. With family like that...
Love all the covers.
@Simon: In both the Buffy and A&F books, the 5th issues are standalones.
"Welcome to the Apocalypse" - hee I like this title. Do we know when the Dollhouse TPB will be out? I really want to read this story (redeem Alpha in 5 issues)

Side fact: The Occultist gets an on-going story (bravo Victor Drujiniu) and has a cover by Jenny Frisson !!!
The Angel and Faith Steve Morris cover is here, it was on the Newsarama page just in the wrong place.
It's from his website
I'm going to wait to pass judgment on Willow, Xander, and Dawn until after I hear the circumstances behind their actions. Frankly, if my brother were on the run from the cops, I wouldn't want to knowingly shelter him as a fugitive. Details, I suppose, are probably important here.

Also, wow, I am thrilled to have two monthly comics to buy soon! Three, if I count Epitaphs, which I will probably just buy all of at once. Delight.
Not gonna lie: by the time an issue comes out, I've already forgotten what the solicitation said. Does this happen to anyone else?
Scott Allie editorial about season 9.I didn't know if it warranted starting another thread.

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