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August 16 2011

Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj is in The Avengers. A very nice person tweeted us to let us know. And if you look closely, you can make out Enver chatting to Joss in this pic from the set.

Huh. Randomly, or is he somebody.
*Dance of Joy*

Also, Joss really likes that shirt.
So glad to hear it, I was hoping he'd figure out a way to bring some old favorites in! Enver being one of the best actors Joss has discovered, no surprise he'd turn back to him.
Great news. For some reason, Joss chatting with Enver instead of big-Hollywood-guy Chris Evans makes me happy. I hope Enver has a great line referencing Dollhouse. Like "I try to be my best" or something.

When I first saw the picture, the first thing that had my attention was Joss's shirt. I want to buy one and wear it when i go see The Avengers.
I was gonna say I've seen Joss in that shirt before lol. I felt like a creep.
I'm glad I'm not the only one whose first thought was of the shirt. We are a sad, sad fandom sometimes.
Can't complain about that.
Has the big hat been sighted yet? I think it got its own fanclub during the filming of Serenity.
I want one too. With the "Joss Is My Master" thing with it.
Funny, Simon. I thought about the hat yesterday when looking at other Cleveland photos.
I don't remember seeing the hat but then there have been a lot more pictures from Cleveland than New Mexico and the latter is where I'd expect to see it.

And I do hope that Enver is more than just another cop.
The important thing is we can't see joss' beard. BEARD SPOILERS.
Wahoo! Joss is great, Enver Gjokaj is great. So this is great!
Man, now this is gonna be an even longer wait. In an alternate timeline that is emphatically not Purgatory, I've already seen the movie nine times. (It's really good.)
I'd love to see Enver "channel" Captain America in a specific moment in the film (since it looks like that's the scene he has from the photo).
This is very cool news, is @jpegfilms a WHEDONesquer? He deserves big thanks for this news. And like everyone else I saw that shirt and I wondered if he ever takes that thing off, maybe it is his 'lucky director' shirt now? At least we now know that Joss has a friend to talk to on set (such good news).
He actually plays all The Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr., etc. are just Enver's stunt doubles.
@WilliamTheB I don't think I'm alone in saying that I would genuinely pay to see that.
Now I find it absolutely impossible that he didn't find a way to get Amy Acker into this. For sure she will show up serving pie to the Avengers at one of their late-nite confabs at the local diner.
@baxter God I hope so!
WilliamTheB, that is a hoot. I love that idea.
Enver is ALL the Avengers? Ah, an Alpha upgrade. Guess we now know what happened to Printy.
He actually plays all The Avengers.

Haha. He totally could. And think how much cheaper it would be!
This is the best news I've heard on The Avengers since "Joss". Here's hoping there are some quality lines for him. And that it advances his career.
Agreed, especially the last part. I want to see more of him, in chewy interesting roles.
Enver Gjokaj is the acting equivalent of a
Man. How cool is that? I love Enver! Someone here, quite a long time ago, said that he was a "stupidly good actor." I've never forgotten that phrase. I think it is really true, and I'm said I don't see him in more stuff. Hope he gets to do more than just be a cop, but I'm just thankful for the awesome cameo.

Also, that shirt is starting to worry me. It's so... strange. Am I alone? I love the guy, but he likes weird shirts. 8D
Is he the guy who got scarred on Dollhouse? He'll probably be a shield agent.

This movie will be the greatest thing ever. I hope there are lots of awesome character conflicts and flaws, and really satisfying resolutions involving assembly. Joss was born to make this movie. Did someone say that already?

Anyone know if Jarvis will be in it and who's playing him? I love Jarvis dearly.
Ob the subject of Whedon actors, Charisma Carpenter just announced on her twitter that she will be in an upcoming episode of SUPERNATURAL!
"Supernatural" seems to be very enthusiastic about Whedonesque women - they've had Julie Benz, Amber Benson and Amy Acker so far (and probably some others I am failing to remember).
Squishy, I'm pretty sure that in the Marvel Movie Universe, Jarvis is J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony Stark's House A.I. He is voiced by Paul Bettany, who, IMDb informs me, will be in The Avengers.
I'm getting more and more excited for the Avengers! Hee!
Uhm... The big hat?
I had not noticed that the "rumoured" was taken out from Gywneth Paltrow's imdb credit. So she is officially in the movie! Thank God. If only they could get Natalie Portman in it too.
I can't believe this is all happening like an hour away from me.
IMDb is user updated. Don't trust it.
Joss, that shirt. I love that shirt.

Giles, thanks. I vaguely remember something about them turning Jarvis into a computer program. Was that in Iron Man? I forget. In any event, I think it was a very poor decision. Jarvis should be a real person, not a computer. And he should be played by some sarcastic old British fuddy duddy. Like maybe a certain librarian type whose name rhymes with Anthony Stewart Head . . . I mean, like, rhymes with it exactly.
I like the Jarvis. Indeed, the cinematic universe stated with Iron Man and right from the get-go that film established a fun, heightened different comic book world that we hadn't really seen before. It wasn't remarkable, but just little changes like that established Tony Stark as the tech guy and not an alterna-Bruce Wayne.
Embers, I'm jpegfilms and yes i'm a WHEDONesque-er!
ShapeNew - I can at least add Mercedes McNab, but it still seems like there's someone else I'm forgetting...
The computer voice in "Iron Man" was Paul Bettany - my guess is they're retaining him unless there's a dire scheduling conflict (which seems unlikely, given how flexible people usually are about voice-only work).
So did Joss get his wish, or is this just there as a joke?
Eeee!!! I love Enver!! This is awesome.

Slightly random, but does anyone else think that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan kind of looks like Enver?
"...does anyone else think that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan kind of looks like Enver?"

Um, no. Wisconsin Rep. Paul RyanEnver Gjokoj *shudders imagining a politician being ALL the Avengers* There's no way our politicians (of any flavor) are anywhere near capable of saving the world - as the evidence clearly demonstrates.

I am beginning to think that the ability to govern intelligently, effectively, and sanely might actually BE a superpower. And one that is only bestowed on a very few at that. Which is really too bad. I wonder how could be acquired? Electricity and radioactivity don't sound very useful...maybe some hitherto unknown "ray" of some sort?
BreathesStory, the problem is that the building of rays tends to be the purview of supervillains, who, by their nature, would prefer governors to be inefficient at governing. The good guys tend not to build rays. :)

However, while I do sympathize with your frustration with politicians, Paul Ryan does kind of look like Enver now that it's been mentioned. Not a crazy resemblance, but at a glance I could make the mistake. Especially this one here.
Giles_314, I guess I wasn't thinking so much of built rays, but something more like those pesky gamma rays and "cosmic" rays. Neither of which, to my knowledge, have endowed any politicians with super governing powers. So it'd would have to be some other kind of ray. But perhaps some evil mastermind will inadvertently create a cadre of super politicians while trying to do something dastardly with an evil ray beam, thus foiling their own plans for inciting catastrophes. (Or you know, maybe the government/military would build one in an effort to make weapons to bring about peace. Because we know how well that always works out.)
@shapenew re. Supernatural - yes that's right Amy Acker, Julie Benz, Amber Benson and also Mercedes McNab, (though her name isn't in the credits) were all on Supernatural in the past, but if we go further than female guest stars there's also(just right off the top of my head) Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mark A. Sheppard who play really rather important parts. Also let's not forget about a certain Mr Ben Edlund who's one of the main writers.
I'm really looking forward to seing all the WhedonVersers this coming season, I tend to stay away from spoilers, but yeah those pieces of news have made me smile.
Buffy/Supernatural, Angel/Supernatural, Firefly/Supernatural, and Dollhouse/Supernatural. Enjoy.

The only major noteable names which haven't been mentioned are who will be in Season 7.
I love the idea of getting The Shirt and wearing it on May 4! Does anybody know where we can buy them? We could be a great pink-sleeved fan army!

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