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August 17 2011

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters to guest on the same Supernatural episode. TV Line has the scoop about the fifth episode of Season 7. And don't forget that Jewel Staite will appear in the Season 7 premiere.

Originally this entry was about Charisma tweeting the news that she would be on Supernatural.

This will be the BEST Buffy/Supernatural casting crossover if true. :D
I don't know, Brierly.
There is a lot of Buffy casting in SN.
I miss her! I wish she had a regular gig on a great TV show, something where she got to be funny. I think she has great comedic chops.
Spoilers: She's not the only Buffy alum in the episode.
YAY! This is exciting!
Sweet. I rewrote the link.
::sigh:: I guess I'm going have to watch then.
Supernatural is my favourite show and Charisma is my favourite Buffy alum, so I'm very, very excited for this!
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Charisma Carpenter, and James Marsters all in the same episode? Excuse me while I go faint. :D
Just may have to tune in for this but I'll probably forget about it by the time the episode airs.
Cordy and Spike didn't interact very much in the Buffyverse so I'm interested in their Supernatural chemistry.

I am all for more Charisma on TV! But Charisma's at a weird age---she's not young enough to play the ingenue but she's not old enough to play the mom to teen characters (which is where most older actresses seem to end up these days: I'm thinking Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton on Pretty Little Liars).
"...she's not old enough to play the mom to teen characters..."

She's 41. Surely that's old enough to have a teenager. If she had a child at 26 the child would be 15. Just about Buffy's age when the series started. :) Kristine Sutherland was 41 at the time the first episode of Buffy aired. Can you imagine Charisma in the Joyce roll? (Oh, and Holly Marie Combs is three years younger than Charisma, while Laura Leighton is only two years older.)

More importantly, why does she have to be an ingenue or a mom? Charisma should totally have her own show about real estate agents and the deals (shady and otherwise) that happen in the biz. Who needs more doctors, lawyers, and cops? There just aren't enough shows on about real estate agents. It's a totally neglected pool of drama. :P
Charisma may be 41 but she looks much younger, which is why it would be hard to buy her as a mom to a teen.
This is like an early Christmas gift...can't wait!
We'll be having a front page episode discussion for the episode on the day.
I was already counting the days until SPN comes back on, this is great news, love both these actors. SPN is one of my favorite shows and my favorite brothers, can't beat the Winchesters. I thought Amber Benson was very good as a vampire.
Great news! If Supernatural is going full speed in casting of Whedonverse actor, can we also have a SMG guest appearance? Pretty please? :-) After all, she is now a part of the CW family, so why not cast her as, for example, God Castiel in a female body? I would say vampire, but that was already done with Amber and Mercedes and they also did the Mother of All last season....
Jared Padalecki talks about working with the Whedon Alums:

He says it's "nice to work with someone in the genre," because they understand how different it is from other types of shows. Cool.
I won't read anymore about this, I'm in a I-hate-spoilers-phase, but I really hope they'll both be villains. Hunters is another good choice.
Cordy and Spike didn't interact very much in the Buffyverse so I'm interested in their Supernatural chemistry.

IIRC they didn't even have any scenes together when they were both on Buffy. So when he showed up on Angel and addressed her as though they were intimately familiar, it felt like we'd missed something...

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