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August 17 2011

Buffy Season 9: Something New. Scott Allie describes how Joss, Scott and other writers broke the arc for the Buffy Season 9 comics.

He also mentions how the Angel & Faith comics work into this shared universe.

That little thing, more than just about any other news we've gotten so far, made me really excited for this next round of comics. I gotta get myself a subscription to this stuff so I don't fall behind like I did nine or ten thousand times with season 8.
They haven't even published the first issue, and the arc is already broken? Damn, that's even quicker than season 8... ;)
beergood, in TV they jump the shark, in comics they break the arc. ;-)
i already want to know how season 9 will end! when it comes to BUFFY i just can't wait!
Same thing. No interest in this, even less if Andrew gets featured.
I am so looking forward to Season 9 and the Angel/Faith series! Anything that keeps this 'verse going is fine by me!
I haven't read this yet. It's not marked as a spoiler, but it kind of sounds like it would be spoilery.
So is it safe?
There is nothing spoilery in the article--Scott calms your fears in the first paragraph.
Theres no spoilers.
I'm really looking forward to the Angel & Faith series, I've always liked how those characters interact with each other, and Faith needs someone to keep her grounded with Giles gone. The preview artwork has been quite nice, too.

Jeanty keeps getting better and better, so glad he's remaining on the BtVS series. Not so sure I'm psyched about lots of Andrew, as I think he works better in small doses but we'll see.
"Not so sure I'm psyched about lots of Andrew, as I think he works better in small doses but we'll see."

Well, Spike could have been a typical bad guy until Surprise, and look what happened after that! Joss and co. will make Andrew more... complex. Poor Andrew! He has no idea what's he's in for.
to make sure the pieces are all adding up

After season 8, I'll be looking forward to that.
Oh, are we supposed to say if we're interested, or not interested in this?

Because: yay! Andrew in all his forms. Joss' "ANDREW: The Musical" can't come too soon for me.

I've been very patient indeed, but none of us is getting any younger. That I know of.
I had to imagine Andrew with Angel for a while there. That could have been interesting. Then I remembered how boring Angel can be from a Kinsey perspective and Andrew feels more at home around Buffy anyway.

And what is this universal theme, I now wonder? Isnít your twenties the period in life where you are so focused on getting a life that afterwards you realize you didnít have any.
More Andrew is always good in my book. I've been hoping he'd get a full arc before the end. He's gone through some promising growing pains in S8, anyway. The only character I'm at a complete loss to really understand at this point is Willow. But that's been true since Season 7, for me. It'd be nice for the plot hints concerning her to click into place because so far they really haven't. And the hints suggest something pretty dark. Ascension, a relationship with a snake demon, keeping secrets from her oldest friends. What is going on with her? The one-shot really just touched the surface of it.
If they have a fresh take on Andrew, I'll support it, especially if they fully embrace his gayness and make him the main gay male of the Buffyverse (no more joking/hinting about it, that's so old). Andrew spent most of Season 8 treading water so right now I can take him or leave him---hopefully whatever they've got planned for him is interesting.
He definitely needs to gain some of the self-awareness that he's been lacking so far. I thought the Predators and Prey one-shot was a nice bit of character development for him. He screwed up, he's forgiven, he's part of the team now. He should not be in charge of Slayers, what were you thinking Buffy. He just needs to continue to grow into himself.

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