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August 17 2011

Heaven's Goodie Basket. Lower right corner. Awww.

Source, in case anyone's having a hard time making it out up top.
I dunno. Are we sure this goodie basket came from heaven? Scented candles are Evil. Especially the ubiquitous fake vanilla ones.
Does the baby kitty stay a baby for ever? Cause I love my cat, but every so often I get nostalgic for when she was tiny.
So I saw the WWJD bracelet and thought that THAT was the reason why this was posted here. Until I saw the Firefly DVD's. And then I realized that the bracelet wasn't "What Would Joss Do?" but rather "What Would Jesus Do?"

In my head it's still What Would Joss Do.
That's pretty tempting. But I heard it jumps the shark after season 3 and Hell is offering Farscape season 5. Decisions decisions.
So what they're saying is that Heaven cancelled it after just ten seasons?
It's a tough market, the afterlife.
Okay, motivation acquired. I'll behave for the rest of my life.
Sure, it jumped the shark, Sunfire, but it's worth it to see Jayne become a shepherd in season five. And Heaven will throw in all three seasons of Ripper, too.
Dude, that is my kind of heaven.
10 seasons is not nearly enough.
BreathesStory: Scented candles are Evil.

My favorite evil scent is "Essence of Slug."

So, apparently Heaven has aimed for a slightly bigger miracle this time, for ten Firefly seasons - back in 2006, Jesus was only planning on creating seven.

(And let's give a little "Awww" for 11th Hour's adapted artwork on that WWJB blog...)
The question to ask now is whether you're in the same caliber?

Well, are you?

Q-gal, caught that as well. Just warmed my soul rightly to know her sayings are still with us. I'll miss her with all my heart.

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