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August 17 2011

Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain sell a new show to Fox. The writing team from "Angel" and "Dollhouse" are working on a new show for the old network.

Deadline describes their show Beautiful Girls as "a young, salacious soap dealing with sexual politics and intrigue set against the backdrop of the beauty industry at a cosmetics company."

I... don't think I'm the target audience for this. I'm always glad to hear of awesome people finding work, though!
Fain/Craft: NO NO NO! *dragged away by guards*

Joking aside, it looks like something interesting and that might actually survive on Fox. Y'know not a cerebral thriller about morally grey prostitution and theories of identity.
It sounds like Gossip Girl post college graduation. Not my cup of tea, but good luck to them! The more shows I don't like on broadcast nets, the more I can spend that time reading. Or cleaning. (As if!)
I actually like these two ladies, they've providing their worth time and again. I really don't see a problem here.
Thanks, nonbeliever93, I needed that laugh this morning.
There is nothing in the show description that would exclude (evil) witches and killer mannequins. (I'd like something similar to Night Stalker's "The Trevi Collection".)
If it's a smart soap opera, I'm in.
Another show that does not sound interesting to me.

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