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"I was able to examine the body while police were taking witness arias."
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August 18 2011

Joss' Equality Now T-Shirt Design. See Joss' design for one of Equality Now's t-shirts. Buying one will, of course, help out the organization and its mission.

If this isn't appropriate for the front page, I accept the deletion. I did not find a previous post about this in the archives.

It looks very Mutant Enemy-esque.
And, they won't ship to Canada. Pooey.
I have to agree with Matt, and also with Genia's "Pooey".
Order'd. Very nice play on the romantic arrow through the heart! Along that line, and since it is a Joss tee, will it come out in pink?
This is basically the design he was wearing at CSTSLA back in June.
GREAT job, Joss!!!! One of those shall be mine, all mine.

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