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August 18 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen's first episode on The Guild is online. Her role in this episode is small but distinctive.

And right before meeting her, Clara says, "Shiny."

This link opens for me, but the video won't start to stream. Anyone else having this problem (I'm using safari)? Is there any other free site where it can be watched?
Never mind, I found the better site here (The Guild's own site)!

And what an awesome episode it is! Maurissa is amazing and the story line has really moved up into the dire consequences level (and I was VERY excited to see BS, I just met him a year ago at a comic convention, but I didn't notice him sanitizing after I left. LOL). GREAT episode!

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Hmmm, I got it to work just fine. It did take a little while to get started though, it did not start right away. I'm using Chrome.

As far as other free sites, not that I'm aware of, unless you have XBOX Live.
Brea Grant! Brent Spiner! Mo Tancharoen! And a couple of others I recognized but couldn't name. Good episode. I think I need to catch up from where I left off in S4.
Maurissa puts on a cute accent, too! I really like her style.
Wow, someone has issues with Comic-con wouldn't you say?
Also when Zaboo is barred from the panel, there's a Whedon panel in another room.
Oh Turbofist911, it would be WAY more crowded if it was set at Comic-con, this looks more like a Wizard World (San Francisco or Chicago) to me. There isn't one square inch of free space at SDCC.
Totally didn't know that Season 5 had even started yet. (What's the point of all of this social media connectivity crap if things like that can slip under my radar?)

However, after watching season 5 so far I can say that I am now really excited for the rest of it. This show is so great. Poor Codex.

Also, Brent Spiner, Grant Imahara, AND Maurissa? How awesome is that?

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The con they are at isn't Comic-Con sized, but the experiential problems are clearly inspired by it, I'd think.
I think there needs to be a Steam Mo spinoff.
@b!X Yes, that's more what I was saying. Obviously this isn't supposed to be SDCC, but the complaints are all very familiar to anyone who's been to SDCC. I worked the art show for 4 years there and heard LOTS of bitching from people both on the vendor side and the attendee side. Our booth was fortunately a part of Comic Con proper and had everything paid for and with my pass I could waltz into any panel I wanted so I didn't have to suffer like the rest. But not all my friends were that fortunate and I'd have to hear it from them all day as well.
Hah! Grant Imohara of Mythbusters with Brent Spiner! Cooler than cool!And I want the Mo spin-off as well!

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