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August 18 2011

Gina Torres Suits up for new USA series. The actress talks about playing the boss, and her continuing thoughts about Firefly's Zoe.

I am so happy for Gina Torres! Suits is a wonderfully engaging show and although the first few episodes do not feature her enough, she is really starting to get some screen time now, and let's just say, the screen loves her! I can't look anywhere else when she's on. Yay, Gina!!
I love seeing Gina playing a smart strong woman who is always the smartest one in the room (a lot like Zoe, but with a really expensive wardrobe). I just hope they expand her role so we get to learn a lot more about her background and rise to power.
I bet she turns out to be a demonic freedom fighter.
Aww. The Firefly comments really got to me. Gina's got class but also warmth.
I'd never heard that remark about Zoe/Gina either but it is really true, isn't it? Especially with Mal's goofier side and tendency to not think things through. If Zoe still supports him, you know there is a reason why.

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