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August 18 2011

Morgan Spurlock on his Comic-Con documentary. "This time, it just might work."

Love it, can't wait! A Comic Con movie brought to us by Stan Lee + Joss Whedon + Morgan Spurlock = SO MUCH WIN!

Based on the titles he listed, Spurlock and I have the exact same taste in comics, and I also agree whole heartedly that someone should skip the movie adaptation and go straight for a Y: The Last Man television series. Preferably HBO or Showtime! Brian K. Vaughan and Joss Whedon have worked together before, why not again on making this series happen?
Joss Whedon, Producer and Writer? Did we know this before about this project?

And I love the story of how this project got started.
So cool. Can't wait. I'm one of the many who's never been, and may never be able to go, so as an old comic book geek myself this is something I'm more excited to see than most movies on the release schedule in the next year.
What a nice surprise.
I just started watching Spurlock's "Fifty Documentaries to See Before You Die" on CurrentTV tonight, and it's truly engrossing. It makes me want to see "A Fan's Hope" even more. And almost every one of the documentaries he's covered thus far...

So, anyway - it does seem like having a meal with Joss is a Good Idea.

(I'm thinking maybe I should've noted in the post up there that this interview has the "A Fan's Hope" origin story - I don't think we'd heard it before...)
I guess I had better see if there are any tickets available to see this in Sept when it opens at TIFF. The people who get big packages of tickets get first grab so there might not be any left by the time single ticket sales are open.
But if I get in, I'll report back.
Ooh, now I can't wait to see this. Good luck, Lioness!

Also, I was pretty amused by the image of young Morgan literally devouring comic books. Better for you than Big Macs, I suppose.

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