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"You know I only have two of these outfits."
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August 19 2011

Can't Stop the Serenity Wedding Ceremony in Beeston,UK this Saturday. Non-wedding CSTS events Saturday in Chicago, Halifax NS Canada, Portland and San Francisco.

"The Newlyweds ask that any wedding gifts be donations to the charity Equality Now, as they feel that there are others in the 'verse who are left wanting.
So, please give generously!! "

San Francisco has a Jayne Hat Mob Photo at their event. LOL!

For more CSTS events, please see CSTS 2011 events.

The header "Can't Stop the Serenity Wedding Ceremony" prompts me to wonder if this will be an event where whoever is officiating will say, "If anyone knows of a reason why these two cannot be united in marriage - keep it to yourself!" :)

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