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August 19 2011

"The (Un)Dead Sexy Matrix of Onscreen Vampires". Where do Buffy's leading vampires fall? Somewhere between bloodcurdlingly scary, dead sexy, repulsive or tamer than a pair of bunny slippers...

I'm wondering why Angelus wasn't included, but Angel was...
Hmm. I might disagree with the relative positions of some of those vampires. And where are Darla and Dru?
Curious that the sexy/scary corner is dominated by True Blood.
yeah Angelus would have been much closer to the top, and Darla as well. and I would have put Dru as far top and right as i could. nothing scarier then crazy
I am wondering how much Buffy and Angel this person watched due to the previously mentioned refernce to Angel not Angelus and lack of Darla and Dru.
I object to Edward Cullen being ranked as sexier than Spike.
I'm wondering how many vampire films and shows this person/committee has watched. No Selene from Underworld? Fail. ;-)

I've never seen the Twilight saga or read the books. But because the issue carries such monumental weight (and I had a weird amount of time to waste) I watched some of those official trailers. And I believe I can now, without a doubt state in my undeniably expert opinion: Like With Pie is right. There's NO WAY Edward is sexier than Spike. (Although I can now at least understand the attraction my niece feels for Edward. So, time not totally wasted. : )
Another vote for Like WIth Pie's conclusion. And I have seen the Twilight movies. Against my will.

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I agree with Like With Pie as well. But where is Vamp!Wiilow?
Anyone else notice that most of the vampires are referred to by the names of the actors, except for those on Buffy/Angel and Twilight?
Channeling Anya, how are Blood-Curdlingly Scary and Tamer than a Pair of Bunny Slippers at opposite ends of a scale?
True. Good point. These don't look particularly friendly. Especially if in Anya's mind they look like this.
Angel between dead sexy and tame fits him perfectly. I love it!!
I cant believe I forgot about Vamp Willow. bad fan! and wasnt a fan of Underworld but Kate Beckinsale was a scary kind of sexy, (or vice versa, and cant recall her char name), and what about Buffy Vamp??

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