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September 23 2002

Miffy the vampire slayer A kewlie wallpaper for fans of Buffy and Miffy :-)

I guess I'm not hip---who is Miffy? Is she some kind of new cutie-pie internet thingy? Cute little wallpaper, but didn't she need a stake or something in her paw???
Miffy's very old. Originally called 'Nijntje', drawn by Dutch cartoonist Dick Bruna and enjoyed by kids world wide. Official website at, duh,
Old eh? As old as the Slayer? Ok, I'm either too young to be hip, or just too old to have re-discovered Miffy. Thanks for the link...LOL miffydotcom? Original, much? *big winky grins*
Miffy is even a lot older then the slayer I think and not only enjoyed by children but also by crazy girls like me :-)

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