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August 19 2011

'Alphas' promo pics featuring Summer Glau. Her episode is set to premier this Monday at 10pm EDT.

Guess this is just a guest star role right? just saw the pilot and not exactly the next "Heroes", but better then most of what else is on, so ill keep watching as long as Hulu keeps posting them.
I'd say it's a fairly good show with some interesting characters (especially Garry and Dr. Rosen) although it does tend to give me déjà vu.
never saw Painkiller Jane, but i think ill try and check it out
It's a pretty good show for the superhero genre. Certainly better than "The Cape". I've been dvr'ing it and have seen every episode. So far most eps deal with the "alpha" of the week but there an underlying story (some eps not so underlying)of bigger forces at work. I'm hoping Summer Glau will be at least a recurring character. Her power sounds awesome.
dang, this means I should give it another chance, eh? I only managed to go halfway through the pilot...
although Hulu only got the pilot, I guess Ill have to wait to Netflix it. I work shift work so catching things on TV on a regular schedule is not an option for me. and im not high tech enough for a DVR
I really like "Alphas" (especially David Strathairn as Rosen - brilliant!). Very happy to see Summer Glau coming up on this show.

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