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August 19 2011

Brian Lynch and Franco Urru tackle teenage mutant ninja turtle Raphael. The creative team behind a bunch of IDW's canonical "Spike" and "Angel" comics have been announced as writer and artist for IDW's microseries about the famously short-tempered mutant turtle (Hamato) Raphael.

This is a result of IDW acquiring the comic book license from Nickelodeon after Nickelodeon recently bought all rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from co-creator Peter Laird's Mirage Studios.

In related news:
There is also a main TMNT comic series being made at IDW by Dan Duncan, Tom Waltz and TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman.
A live-action movie reboot is in the works at Platinum Dunes.
A third animated series is in the works at Nickelodeon.

Fun TMNT/whedonesque fact: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Chris Evans (Captain America) played the mutant brothers' human friends April O'Neil and Casey Jones in Kevin Munroe's 2007 CGI family movie "TMNT".

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Looks like I'll be reading my first TMNT comic!
If it's in tone with the original Mirage comics, be prepared for something quite different in tone and content from the television or movie versions. There may be blood.
Also solicited here are the Angel Portraits 100-Page Spectacular and the Angel: The End hardcover collecting issues 28-44 and the Angel Yearbook.
Ooo...TMNT was my introduction into the world of heroes. Never read the comics before, but might have to start. *Love* Lynch and Urru! I'm looking forward to the new Angel & Faith series (and having everyone at the same title so that the worlds can cross more easily), but the thought that Lynch will never write Spike or Angel again makes me really sad.
Oh yeah, we spoke a bit about this in our interview last month. Brian Lynch threatened to put Blonde Spikey hair on one of the turtles to get linkage over here on Whedonesque! Ha!

Here's the interview:

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