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August 19 2011

(SPOILER) Battle scene footage from The Avengers set. Awesome footage from the Medical Center in Cleveland with a bird's eye view of action scenes being shot.

There are 5 videos total:
Captain America and Thor in a fight scene (main link)
Car explosions (SPOILER! Cars are harmed in this footage.)
Thor Hits a Car with Mjolnir
Captain America goes flying out a window
Gun fight (with lots of people running)

Now I have to say this kind of thing simply gets me more excited for the film and doesn't spoil much that I don't already know, but if Whedonesque isn't comfortable with this kind of footage making appearances here, by all means let us know and I'll certainly stop posting it.
The level of nerdtastic epicness being released next year is almost overwhelming, though this and TDKR are by far the two I'm most excited about.
Linked from that video is one called "Avengers Gun Fight". Sweet.

If there's anyone who makes guns as deadly as they actually are, it's Joss. See Firefly; also, I heard something about Willow's girlfriend and a gun one time, but I'm pretty sure that was just Whedonites being emotional and the "gun" was a metaphor or something.
The Med Center people aren't saving many lives these days, but they are getting some fun footage. Here's Thor vs. a car:
I wish I could get into the Medical Mutual building. I don't know how any of those people are working with all this going on.
Clearly some of them aren't, lol.
That was so freakin cool. If I'm this excited I'm going to seizure during the actual movie.
I'm not comfortable with it at all. However - that footage is completely f***ing awesome!!!!!!!
Even for a person who isn't specifically interested in the Avengers (me), it's interesting to watch a movie fight scene from that angle.
It's fascinating watching the big scale action with people running and stunts and all that intricate exploding of stuff. Ok I'm sure it's intricate to set up properly. All I get is "whoa" watching it though.
I like noticing how clips go together.
Between The Dark Knight Rises,Man of Steel and now The Avengers,it's been a wealth of spoilers from location video and photo leaks.Avengers is looking big and wild as it should.

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Thor vs the car looked so awesome. Love it.
There are several people posting photos from Cleveland on Tumblr as well. Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4.
I'm heading Cleveland-way tomorrow morning. Hoping to see some action. I went Wednesday and saw Joss from about 50 feet away. That made my day.
There's another angle on this fight sequence.
These clips show Joss and the actors preparing to film one of the fight scenes.

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