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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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August 19 2011

Steven Moffat starts watching Firefly. On a train. The current lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, @steven_moffat also made Coupling and co-created Sherlock - the much praised BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. He tweets:

"Sitting on s train, about to watch 1st episode of Firefly. Present from a friend who says I'll love it. I'm confident."

He is at least familiar with other Joss Whedon projects - as Moffat talks about Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this July 2008 interview with io9.

That's pretty cool. I'm surprised he hasn't seen it before--although, was it Joss who said, "You either make TV, or you watch it"?
It is about time!
Can't believe he hasn't seen it!

And the other tweeter's right, somebody SHOULD gift Press Gang to JW.

He also mentions BTvS on the Press Gang commentary. Something about how JM's accent was a bit ropey but you buy it because the performance is so good. I think he was referring to the parallel with the superb Dexter Fletcher, who's a London Boy playing American in Press Gang.

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No follow up in four hours?! Let's just hope he's marathoning it.
Watching "The Train Job" on a train... That is too cool.
This should help NuWho. Not as much as having a writing staff, but, some.
Bah. I've been looking at Doctor Who with the "He's seen the ENTIRE Whedon oeuvre"-goggles.

Damn! Now I'll have to watch the first half of this season of Who again before the remainder airs.

... then again, I was gonna do that anyways.

Have a blast, Mr. Moffat-man! And remember... after 13 eps of pure bliss, there's a little hollywood-budget movie called Serenity to wash is all down.

Crap. Wash. Leaf on a wind... now I'm depressed.

Speaking of Wash... Saw Tucker & Dale vs Evil yesterday. So glad Alan's doing allright. That flick was a Blast! (Yup, capital B, perfect for keeping me entertain'd 'till Cabbin gets here.)

Yay, love to whedon-rant!

/trainofthoughtsistrainy.... train train trainjob....pretty sure Davies saw "The Oeuvre" before he started... what, he didn't? Damn, gotta re-watch that all without the goggles....

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There's this character named River, and she's awesome, but kinda scary, and weirdly perceptive and strong.
Bobathin, I assume he has the DVD so it will be in the "Proper" order and Serenity will be the first epsiode.
Here it is :)

"In answer to the many, I thought Firefly 1 was terrific. Now on Sherlock night shoot, hope to watch more tomorrow."!/steven_moffat/status/104724327827652609
Oh boy, more Sherlock.
More Sherlock... *drools* I fell in love with the Sherlock Holmes stories in the fifth grade and have been instantaneously attracted to anything remotely related ever since. This series is a dream come true: new stories that somehow manage to feel like Sherlock Holmes despite the updating.

I'm glad Mr. Moffat will get to experience a new fantastic series for himself after treating us so well. I think my first-time-Firefly-viewing-envy has awakened though. But "New Sherlock" might be just the thing to placate it. Of course, being in the States, who knows when the hell I'll actually get to see it. Next year presumably. (I'm telling myself it's nice to get the chance to experience anticipation in today's instant gratification culture. I don't think I'm listening though...)

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