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August 20 2011

Happy Birthday to James Marsters. He turns 49 today.

Happy Birthday James.

Can't wait to see you more often on my TV.
Even as a fellow guy, I gotta say he looks good for basically 50. Though his point about getting too old to realistically play an unaging vamipire turned in his late 20s to early 30s...though tech and makeup can do wonders if done right.
Happy birthday to you, JM.
Happy birthday James!
Happy Birthday James. You wear it well. :D
Happy birthday to the man with a portrait in his attic!
He doesn't look a day over 131!
I'm actually shocked he's that old. That can't be right. He's older than Joss! What the hell?
I always think of him when I tell people that age is just a meaningless number. He has a 24 year old wife, plays in a band, and doesn't even look 49

To me, he's a guy in his twenties. I don't care what his birth certificate says
Hard to believe how much time has passed since we first met Spike.

Happy Birthday to a fantastic actor who brought me so much enjoyment by bringing to life a fantastic character.
Happy Birthday, sir!
Hope you day was great, you gave me my first vampire love and I would not care if you looked older, I just want my Spike back. Looking forward to seeing you in Supernatural, was already counting the days until Sept.

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