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August 20 2011

Transcript of the Buffy Panel at Paley Fest from 1998. Or at least a good extract of it. And as it says on the Paley Center website, a recording of the panel is available.

I would love to see it, so if anyone knows where to find it, it would be much appreciated.

Mod: Could the actors talk about what they like about their characters.

Sarah: I get to kiss Angel.

Nick: So do I (David puts hand on Nick's knee, they eye each other, then David throws himself on him for a Passionate embrace.)

I so wanna see THIS!! Xangel on screen! David and Nick gazing at each other with "lust" and hugging!!! Awww! The slash is so delicious.
I saw the tape this panel a few years ago. This was a couple of month before the season finale, and they gave a bit hint that the Sunnydale city fathers knew about the Hellmouth. Please go find this tape if you happen to be in L-A.
So it seems the only way to see it is to go to the Paley Center in L.A or in New-York, damn ! I was in NY a year ago ! Well, maybe they will release it on dvd, I just saw that they released one for the "Friends" panel of 1996.

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