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August 20 2011

HMV Exclusive Serenity "Reel Heroes" Limited Edition DVD. Saw this in HMV the other day and thought I'd share. It's a limited edition DVD with comic book artwork and comes with an art card, also available on Blu-ray. The video explains all (:

The video doesn't even play for me.
I have the limited edition HMV DVD release from the first time round. 4.99 is a bargain, I think I'll pick this up as well. Nice to see Universal doing this.
That cover looks more like the film it represents than ANY of the other Serenity covers or posters. (HOW did they get it so wrong?)
They've done a real nice job with these covers. I was being envious over the Scott Pilgrim one the other day.
Lovely well written product description too.
The One True b!X:The video doesn't even play for me.

It seems to think I need a new plug-in to watch the WMV vid on my Mac, but I've never needed anything additional before...

janef: Lovely well written product description too.

Really - almost remarkably so.
Okay. I feel a little dumb saying this but... There's a video? I can't find a video on the page at all. It's not like I've never been to a confusing web site before. I must really need that new pair of glasses.
It's beneath the headline saying "trailer", so scroll down.
Huh. Well, I guess that sort of explains it. It doesn't exist in my world. I see nothing under the heading of "trailer" but a very small (1 cm) white space containing a clickable arrow that says, "Back to top." I wonder why it isn't showing up for me... I don't even have QuoterGal or b!X's issue of it not wanting to play.

I'm using Firefox on a Mac. I wonder if that's the problem...
This is what I see when I use Firefox 3.6.19 for Mac.
Here's the direct link but you'll probably need a plugin for that too.
I was going to post this after buying it last week but completely forgot! Yet another copy bought just for the packaging! :D
What is the art card?
Did they really have to use THAT cover as the basis for the art? I've always hated it, it makes Serenity look like a silly, over-the top B-movie. It's a shame they didn't do a comic-art version of the Collector's Edition cover instead. Much more beautiful and sombre. Still, more publicity for the film is always good.
Break_Atmo, I don't think they had anything else to work with.

I'm not sure the Collector's Edition cover is all that, either. Just your standard badly photoshopped movie poster...

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