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August 20 2011

(SPOILER) A recap of The Avengers footage shown at D23. Want to find out what wowed the crowd?

"We have a Hulk" screams Joss and I can definitely picture the line being delivered by RDJ. I can't state how excited I am for the movie. Seems like Joss is doing a great work, as expected.
And we have our first Joss one liners! Love it love it love it.
Need. To. Hear. More. Dialogue. FROM THIS MOVIE! Joss is Boss. Joss Is My Master Now! I'm sure theres a few other catch phrases, point being that Joss never dissapoints.(Ignoring select episodes of Dollhouse and latter seasons of Buffy) This movie sounds rad.

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You can see photos of the cast on stage here.
I predict this movie will be the greatest superhero movie ever. Yes, ever. Did i say superhero movie? I meant movie. And yes, still ever. And that's not hyperbole at all. It's understatement.
You can see the actors introduced here on stage. Unfortunately, the Avengers footage is not included.
I am officially teased.

Best part about that article is the whole "Thor vs. Hulk" debate in the comments.
BrewBunny, I wish you hadn't mentioned that. I had to read through all of that because it's all so ridiculously over-the-top fanboy. I mean, obviously, I'm not innocent in that area--I'm glad to have been entertained.

More on topic, I read on another site that the intensity of the footage rose from the group dynamic, not effects shots or action sequences, which shows Joss' strengths. Can't wait!
I am SO happy Wonder Woman bit the dust...
I should know better than to read the fanwanky comments after the entries on those pages.
I am devastated to discover that Joss is not the lovechild of Orson Welles and Ben Hecht.
Thor vs Hulk > astronauts vs cavemen?
Wonder Woman interested me a lot more, but it's difficult to imagine that it could ever have been a commercial success on the scale that the Avengers is shaping up to be, knock wood. That will give Mr. Whedon more chances to make the movies he wants to make and I'm all for that.

Well, almost all for that, except for the part of me that would much rather see some cable TV series.

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