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August 22 2011

R.I.P. Reza Badiyi. He was a prolific tv director whose credits included the Buffy Season 1 episode "Out of Mind, Out of Sight".

That was one of my favorite season one episodes. In a word, "Cordelia". And Man hasn't been the same since.

My wishes to the family of this great man.
'Out of Mind, Out of Sight' was for me the moment Buffy went from being a good show to being a great show. It's still my favourite episode of Season One.

RIP Reza, and thanks.
Very sorry to hear this. Wishing peace for his soul and solace for those who knew and loved him.
Great ep, I was always a little disappointed that they set a school for invisible assassins, and then never did anything with it.

also wishing peace and solace to his friends and family.

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