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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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August 22 2011

Two Watchers and a Witch. Needs no further description. Update: more, and bigger.

Looks like recent shots. (ASH is in L.A. to shoot Free Agents. Nick Brendon recently said in an interview ASH was moving close to where he lived)

Also came across this old Q&A with a young(er) ASH. Smoking. [...] See what I did there?

That picture makes me smile. All three of them look so happy.
Aw. That's a great photo.
That video clip is adorable. He really was Ripper, wasn't he? Lovely photo of three happy-looking people too.
Where were they? What were they doing together? When was this taken? Who took this? Why are they so happy?


I LOVE it.
Where is the baby? I know, they are probably enjoying a grown-ups night out.
Good to know they still come together to fight evil. And protect us. Hey I can't do everything myself!
Cue Ripper the Series rumors. :-)

Alright, I just can't stand it the waiting. Make it already and quit teasing us! ;-)
What a great group of people the Buffy/Angel cast are - they make me light up inside when I see them together and they are so obviously happy to see each other (like the recent Nick and Tony reunion posted here). Funny, I don't recall seeing photos of James or David hanging with cast mates. After a pic like this, you'd think James would (one of my favorites). Wishful thinking.
Well, that just makes me happy.
Venice Beach , in LA area, not sure what city is which around there.
Alexis is smiling for a change!

By soem weird force, Joss somehow did seem to attract an unusually-for-one-place-the-business number of friendly, sober, and decent people to those two shows. Interesting on which groups have combined as long-term friends from it: these three; Julie, Mercedes, and Clare; Amber and the Trio's real alter egoes; Julie and Charisma etc.

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