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August 23 2011

'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Charisma Carpenter on Set. Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will be both in an upcoming episode of Supernatural. This is a picture from Charisma's first day on set.

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Can't wait to see this episode. Actually I can't wait for season 7 to start. I love Supernatural, it is without a doubt my favorite show on TV since Buffy and Angel ended.
They look wet! Is it because they're in Vancouver or because of the scene?
.@brierly I would guess it is due to Vancouver, but yeah your guess is as good as mine.

@passion hear hear! Actually refused to watch Supernatural at first because I was still refusing to love another 'monster show' after Buffy and Angel ended. Glad I changed my mind though.
Wonderful to read how much she is currently working. Next, Ringer! {{crosses fingers}} {{Knocks on Wood}}
How scary is Supernatural? I have a low "scare threshold" thanks to PTSD, but I would dearly love to see this.
How scary Supernatural is changes. It was scary when it started but now it isn't so scary. However I've read that Season 7 is bringing the scary back.

Different things are scary to different people of course, but I would say on a scale of 9 to 37, where 9 is as scary as an average Buffy episode, and 37 is as scary as a decent Horror movie, Supernatural is usually a 18, at its very best, (or worst depending on how you look at it), it is a 28.

Anyways, 7 commas in one sentence has to be some kind of record.
Thanks, Weklim. I'll give it another try.
I found lots of seasons 1 & 2 of Supernatural to be scarier than most horror flicks...
I don't think anyone will disagree with me if I say Supernatural is a lot more graphic than Buffy ever was when it comes to violent horrible events. A lot more bloodier. Honestly, I don't know how they get away with some of the stuff they do on regular TV.

I found some scenes to be very distubing, but I also find the show riveting and extremely well written and performed. They also have some very comic episodes within each season, which are usually extremely funny.
I rel=ally live "under the rock", since was totally spoilered by being the same episode.
^^ That's not really a "spoiler", though. A spoiler would be something like Jeffrey Dean Morgan coming back as John or Nicki Aycox as the original Meg.
I am with Passion. These days the first thing that comes to mind with Supernatural is icky! You know right after I sigh over my fave character ;)

But yes I keep watching it and loving it with a intensity that in the past have been completly reserved to Buffy and Angel.
Part of what makes Supernatural so great is the excellent writing for the characters. All the characters change and develop (so they aren't boring). They grow and develop from the experiences that happen from episode to episode (and season to season).They always act true to the characters. To me none of the characters do anything that is hard to believe because it is not consistent with their behavior in the past.

Also the acting, directing and production values are all top notch.

One of the best things is the show has monsters and drama an laughs but it has some wonderful messages about family.

People who want to give it a try:

Season 1 is just OK, with some really nice episodes sprinkled throughout.

Season 2 is excellent. It starts with one of the best episodes - "In my time of dying" and offers laughs, scares, and mystery right up until the finale (also excellent).

Season 3 is spotty - also short due to the writer's strike at that time.

Season 4 and 5 are excellent. Together they play like one long adventure.

Season 6 I haven't entirely seen, but the episodes I've seen I liked, and the finale was very good. I think it is hard for them to beat seasons 4 & 5 (also Eric Kripke left and his orginal plan was only for 5 seasons), but I am glad the story is continuing.
Dunno Passion, I'd argue that Seasons 1-3 > 4-5. I hated how the angels took over the show. (I can't rank Season 6 yet til I re-watch on DVD.)

Eric Kripke didn't entirely leave. He's still an executive producer (although not the showrunner) and he wrote the season finale.
I'm with Passion for the most part. Although I think I liked Season 3 better then Season 2. I liked that it was 16 episodes. It also introduces 2 great characters and has some of my favorite episodes.

Season 6 I disliked. It was excellent near the end of the finale but most of it I found to be very boring and the finale to be one of the show's worst.

I completely agree with you on Seasons 4 and 5, one excellent long adventure!

In comparison to Buffy, it is also nice to see fight scenes in a supernatural show that aren't clearly fake.
I'm well aware that I am very much a minority, but I think season 6 was the best so far.

Season 3 is my least favorite - it's the least full-filling for me, but when you look at the fact that this was the season of the writers' strike, then it's actually really rather good.

To me season 6 feels like a fresh start. A sort of spin-off if you like. I've always felt that Sera Gamble - the current showrunner - always had a much better grasp at what the characters were all about than Eric Kripke and yes I do realise it's pretty close to blashemy in the Supernatural fanbase to say such a thing, but that is just how I feel. And infact even the episode that Kripke wrote in season 6 was really great! Where in the past his episodes have left me rather disappointed.

I have no idea where we are going next and I always go into a season thinking this is the last because it's just too good to last.

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