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August 24 2011

A Buffy portrait by Phil Noto. He's drawn Willow, Spike and Dawn as well.

very nice, as an amateur artist Im always jealous of people that can draw faces. because I all. Im even worse with paint.
Sweet- captures the characters really, really well.
Want to see lots of Whedon characters drawn really well, try Tim Shay's page.. He had a Spike card that sold for almost $700. I have several he has done and they look like photos, he is excellent.
Sweet likeness. Ooooh, if Jo Chen can't do the covers, why can't he?
You know, that's really good. Virtually no artist captures SMG(P)'s eyes, and he has. Well done.
Oh, and Allie's smile. Good artist!
If I could photoshop in a Dark Horse logo in the corner of either of these, suddenly Willow's teeth would be 1/8th an inch off, etc.

Both very awesome pictures, well done.
I thought Noto's artwork for Infinite Horizon was fantastic, so it's a treat to see him to draw characters from Buffy.
Well, I think that is just beautiful. He has captured Sarah's eyes so well. They're sweet and a bit sad, which suited Buffy wonderfully.

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He's added Spike and Dawn portraits so I've added those links to the entry. I like the Dawn one the best.
Wow. Those are very impressive. I love Dawn.

Man, this just makes me miss them that much more!
Wow. Stop. Hey. Somebody in the know: is he heading towards Buffyverse?

Aren't those pretty
I like them all. The Spike on doesn't really do it for me, it's good but the others are fantastic.
I thought his Jonah Hex covers were good but HOLY CRAP, these are awesome.

Would love to see him take a few alt. covers for S9. Talk about audition pieces...
Phil Noto is drawing current issues of Marvel's X-23. Check it out! It's about a strong female character!
I would *love* to see some Buffy covers from this guy! The Buffy one is gorgeous--really captures the sadness and isolation she so often feels. Willow is lovely too (how long has it been since we saw Willow this happy? I miss happy Willow). And Dawn is lovely as well. They all capture the likeness beautifully, and also capture the essence of the characters.
I agree; these are excellent. I so wish this artist was doing some S9.
@rehabber: The link you gave, the artist's rendering of Godric from True Blood is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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