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August 24 2011

Interview with Nicholas Brendon at the Chicago Comic Con. An interview by the girl who wants to have sexual relations with Joss Whedon. It all comes full circle.

She had interviewd NB before, at the Toronto Comic Con . Where he spoke about his penis ;)
Wow, he looks so much older now.

And this is a really weird interview.

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Clearly, Nick does not have a handler at his elbow, real-time editing every word. Which I find kind of refreshing, actually.
Nicky may be one of the oddest people in show biz. This is not necessarily a bad thing- it'd be boring if everyone was the same- but I wonder sometimes if it interferes with getting work. It would in my job.

As for looking older, well Nick is 40 now. He was 26 when "Buffy" launched- which comes to think of it points out that next year will be the 15th anniversary of "Buffy" starting her TV run. Holy... wow... that's...

I'm old now.
Oh, and I just remebered, that Valerie (The Sexy Nerd Girl) also had "vloged" about The Guild and had a little refference of OMWF and DrHSAB when her friend said he don't like musicals, but those 2 are "Joss, Whedon, Joss Whedon".

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