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August 24 2011

Scarlett Johansson praises 'Fanboy' Joss Whedon. Superfox Scarlet Johansson (along with Jeremy Renner) talked to TTV about Joss with video to prove it.

Anyone outside of the US - don't bother clicking on the video - it makes you watch a commercial then tells you that you can't see the video. But the text can be read so it's good.
Loved the moment where Jeremy Renner took one of the reporter's microphones so he could ask Scarlet a question.
The Renner question made me think that both of them had been asked that question before, and reminded me of Whedon's Equality Now speech (about courage and press junkets).
Scarlett now Whedonverse (: be still my over beating heart!
I want my Ttv.

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