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August 25 2011

Buffy and Veronica would be BFFs. Flavorwire picks out what characters from different shows might be good friends and pairs up our favorite Slayer with the teen detective.

And both raised by single parents. Which hadn't occurred to me until I saw your post.
I would think the similarities would be more likely to lead to a rivalry than BFFness. More Buffy/Faith (without the evil) than Buffy/Willow (without the evil).
This reminds me of a LiveJournal icon my friend made in response to the constant Buffy comparisons when the show was airing.
I believe they would disagree from the start, but grow to become close friends with time and the world in peril.
Veronica would try to find out what was up with this strange girl who may or may not be armed at all times. She would discover quite a few incriminating things about Buffy, become convinced Buffy was a threat to the school, and try to get her expelled. Then she'd find out the truth...
Yes. Yes they would.
I think they would get along rather tenuously in general. They are each far too invested in the awesomeness of their opinion to really "be friends". Would love to see Willow and Trina meet though :)

Also, Logan/Buffy :)
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, please tell me there's a fanfiction about that!
I read the heading, thought of Veronica of Betty and Veronica/Archie comics, and said, "No, they wouldn't."

It's not about that, but Martian Manhunter at is pretty damned good.

Sorry I couldn't get the direct link. The site ain't working for me at the mo'.

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