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"Jayne's a what?"
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August 25 2011

(SPOILER) The full Christos Gage 'Angel and' Faith Twitter Q/A chat. I'm linking to the transcript at Slayalive.

Lots of new spoilery tidbits.

This link requires one to log in. Not especially helpful. It's also been collected at SlayAlive.

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Sorry about that.I've changed the link to Slayalive
"For Illyria you want to stay tuned to Joss' books."

Buffy meets Illyria? Oh, I cannot wait for this.

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Anyone else disappointed by the loss of Betta George?
I think they're more than enough characters (literally, probably too many) being used in both series that George won't be missed.
Wow, people were getting a bit repetitive with the Angel/Faith questions.

Less than a week away!
He sounds like a really nice guy,

And I was a big Merle fan, too. I saw him as Angel's "Angel", which will make sense to my fellow Rockford Files fans.
Outside of Angel, Faith, and flashtastic Giles, do we have names of other A&F regulars? I admit I may have skimmed the references by going too fast.

I'm hoping I'm not stuck with Harm, Clem, and that's it.

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Reddygirl, did you mean Lorne instead of Merle?
No, I mean Merle the Snitch. He was killed off too soon.
I truly hope Drusilla appears "for reals". We've only seen her as The First or in flashbacks since Buffy Season 5!!!

This book will feel a bit weird at first without deadies like Cordelia, Wesley, and Fred. Illyria doesn't seem to be appearing. Connor may appear. Doesn't sound like Gunn is appearing. Sounds like it'll feel very different from the television series and even After the Fall. But I think I'll like it!
It sounds more like Buffy than Angel if you see what I mean. This is the series for people who loved Buffy and read Season 8, but where never bothered by Angel or After the Fall. Which is basically me.
"1.Q: Will we get clues to where Angel came from when he fell from the sky in Season 8?

A: I have no idea where Angel fell from in Season 8. Sorry. I'll ask Joss when I get the chance."

I hope that's a joke. That must be a joke. Maybe he forgot a winking smiley.

"1.Q: Since getting the job,have you waitched both Buffy and Angel and read season 8 and Angel :After The Fall?

A: I've watched all Buffy & Angel eps & read 1st 6 volumes of After The Fall"

Now I'm really worried. First, he said first 6 volumes of ATF. Hopefully he's aware that's not the case. I guess that's preferable to him saying first 6 volumes of "season 6". Brrr.

Second, if darkhorse are suppose to not contradict the IDW series, which I vaugley recall being promised, shouldn't all writers read all IDW books? Otherwise there might be continuity errors. If there can be canonuity errors, since it's not said to be canom. Just maybe canon. Argh!

I'm wooooorried. Maybe I missed something. Please tell me I misunderstood. I was happy thinking that they wouldn't contradict the IDW books at all, so I could accept it as canon until otherwise stated. Now it seems I need to go back to just ATF.

I know, it might seem a silly concern, but I like knowing the character, really knowing them. I want to know their story, their complete story. And I don't want to have to edit the story in the future. I'm not smart enough, my brain will protest.
Skytteflickan88, I'm in the same boat as you. I read this interview and a little bit of my heart sunk and my stomach turned a few degrees.

I'm not sure I like the sound of things. I really loved AtF more than Season 8 at most times. I didn't care for Aftermath or the other stuff. Everything that Bryan Lynch did was gold, maybe because he actually sat down with Joss to talk about the Spike movie and what Season 6 of Angel would have been. Joss basically plot pointed that whole arc but Lynch brought it to life.

I'll also miss beta George. It'll at least be interesting to see how Illyria and Buffy will interact, but I'm not all comfortable with Angel sharing title with Faith. And I love Faith.

IDK. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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