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August 25 2011

Avengers Assemble in Australia one week early. Disney has sent a release schedule showing The Avengers being released in Australia on 25 April 2012. This puts it over a week ahead of the US release date of 4 May 2012.

This is also 2 days before the UK release date of 27 April 2012, making Australia currently the first country that will see The Avengers Assemble. Speaking personally as an American, I have no idea how my willpower will be able to resist a whole week of not reading spoilery reactions!

They saw Serenity first from what I recall.
Yay! Awesome for our Oz friends. They got Thor 3 weeks early this summer, didn't they?
Was actually just wondering if that might happen. Still can't get official confirmation from the distributor but there's also some websites giving the same date of APril 27th for its release in Brazil.
UK release date shifted forward to Friday 27th April 2012. Just after Cabin in the Woods. Double yay!
Damn you Australia! (throws fist in air)
Birthday present for me! In Australia, anyway.
Woo yeah!! We get so many things delayed, it's very rare to get something before the US and UK! Australian nerd CHRISTMAS!
The Brazil date I assume they are getting from Rentrak, which currently lists April 27.
I'm sure there's some strategy behind it, I suppose they anticipate a friendlier reaction from smaller audiences that get a priority space in line for release?
I think with Thor it was slightly that it starred an Australian but mostly since they had a school holiday and decided to bump up the releases there so they can take advantage of more students/families presumably being free to go out.

I had no idea what that'd be though. ANZAC day or something? Break between their winter/whatever terms?
Well, Thor opened worldwide first - not just Australia. Whatever the case, the movies which opened abroad first this year did great business - more than normal.
An instance of Down Under getting one over on U.S. :)
I'm happy for you Aussies and Brits and peoples all around the world, but the week leading up to May 4, 2012 is going to be hell for us Americans who a.) want to see the movie and b.) have Internet connections. It's going to be unendurable torture!

Though I will revel in the non-spoilery comments and reactions posted online, bc my biggest concern is that the movie won't be awesome. I don't care about the particulars, I just want a great movie from Joss.
So is this what he meant when Dr H sang about the keys to a shiny new Australia?? :)

Yay for us! Sorry everyone else, but I can't help a little moment of 'welcome to our world'...

You do remind me however to make sure I stay spoiler-free.

Oh the wait seems like forever!

And Pointy, the US release date is my bday.
Questioning whether a same date midnight premiere at almost everywhere would work here as well as it did for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. There's still time for Disney to consider such strategy.

Unlike latter, spoilers are much more bound to Avengers, just try following the number of pictures and video leaked from the set from these recent 2 weeks.
April 25 falls on a long weekend for Australians so it makes a lot of sense to release it then. Thor was the same.
Well, that evens it out, then, journeyclaire!
How much is airfare from Chicago to Australia again?

Need more willpower... need more willpower... damn waiting... I hate you!
Wooohooo! Needless to say that the New Melbourne Browncoats will be arranging something special to mark the occasion. :D

And still too far away.
Oh yeah. Excitement! We got Cap late, and Green Lantern (pretty sure no one went by the time it was released here due to the bad rap it got) It's nice when we get things early here.

April 25 would correspond with Anzac day indeed. But it is also school holidays in most states I believe. So we may not get a 5 day weekend next year, but we get Avengers. I'll settle for that!
Dingoes Ate My Premier!!
I don't see the point in opening anywhere but the states first. Most of what I've seen for numbers on just about any movie says American's dump an incredible amount of money into going to the movies, compared to other countries. The more distance between the initial premiere and the US opening, the more time for potentially negative reviews, and losing money to piracy.

Also it means I get to unplug the internet for a week, which I guess is what the rest of the world deals with all the time.
Firnatine, Marvel's Thor opened to $87 million outside the US.
It did well. It opened second behind Fast Five. It made less than 6 million dollars in it's opening weekend in Australia. The initial reports were panic. Then it did 87 through it's first week outside the US. Then on the opening weekend alone in North America it did 65. In a weekend. As of a couple days ago the US and Canada revenue was only 80 mil behind the worldwide take.

With a little more look into why this trend of US films opening abroad, it looks like part of the reason is that the rest of the world tends to be a little less harsh on films. In a day where a lot of people read reviews and decide whether or not to see a film in theaters based on that, apparently it factors into where they want to open.

So congrats Aussies, you were nice, so you get Avengers first.
It's several months away, but I'm already looking forward to the non-spoilery review thread where Aussies and Whedonesquers from around the globe post their reactions.

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