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August 26 2011

Angel by the Numbers. A fantastic essay by someone who worked on the show.

The bit about the Kazuis reads almost identical to the remarks Jeff Bell made in the final minute of his "Not Fade Away" commentary. Gives me the impression they were hate figures on the set...
Really amazing piece.
It makes even more clear how Kazuis were just credited because they were contractually mandated to do so, otherwise they'd just do without them.
I also wanted to ask Amy Acker on a date. But it was foiled by the fact that 1) I already had a wife, 2) she already had a boyfriend and 3) in the absence of the first two factors, I still would’ve never had the guts to ask her out...
I have that book-really interesting essays.
Three main characters have been killed off during the Angel saga (Doyle, Cordelia, Fred)

I knew Wesley was still alive, I bloody well knew it!
Great read. I love reading about the show from people who actually worked on it. But now I'm all nostalgic and I think I'll go watch a episode.
That's one of my favorite Whedon-related essays ever. I love how just by discussing basic facts about the show, you still get a sense of how special it was.
It made me sad to realize that since this article was written Andy Hallett had also passed away. :(
What a good essay! I've never read it before. I love how each tiny piece of information is interesting though somewhat forgettable by itself, but when they're all strung together in a chain like that, they build such a beautiful picture. I'm feeling a little verklempt here.
Great piece. I would love to read more essays/interviews with the various Whedonverse crew members. It's a perspective on the shows you don't get to see that much of.
That was a great read! Makes me wanna rewatch me some Angel.
I love hearing from fellow lighting technicians - we all tend to be so precise (approximately.)
Good times, good times.
Great essay. But now I have to go hunting for the Kelly Manners bobble-head episodes!
That was fantastic. The ending's really a gut-punch.
Dan Kerns also worked on the first season of "Dollhouse," as did most of the "Angel" camera team.
"At least 2 of the executive producers have never seen the set of Angel. A business deal signed at the outset of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer feature film gave these two a financial stake in all things Buffy. They’ve received credit and sizable checks for the duration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel for doing absolutely nothing. (Names furnished upon request.)"

I know we're all suppose to "hate" them, but I would not hate being in their shoes. A bit ashamed that my name was where it didn't belong, but I'd love getting money doing nothing.
Too bad about the paragraph about his girlfriend who worked on the show.
I think on a commentary for the Vegas episode ("The House Always Wins") I remember hearing that Kelly Manners was in the Tropicana audience w/ his bobblehead doll - but I didn't know it was also in five other episodes. I am now doomed to spend my next re-watches locating them. #obsessiveproppything

I really enjoyed Dan Kerns essay and will probably have to buy that book. And now I would like 1) to read many more essays by crewmembers on Whedon-y shows and 2) a set of bobble-headed Kuzui dolls. #pleasemakeitso

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What a great read!
@QuoterGal: Five Seasons of Angel is well worth the purchase; it's probably my favorite essay collection. There's also a really good essay about Angel's relationship with Darla.
Alexis did 12 takes of various angles high-kicking in dancing tights with Amy Acker (a classically trained ballet dancer) for an uproariously funny scene that was cut from “Waiting in the Wings”

Want to see, want to see!
Isn't that scene on the Season 3 DVD's?
Yes. It's my favorite deleted scene from anything ever. :-)
Thanks Bishop! After I had posted my comment, I realized I'd probably seen it but a looooong time ago. Favorited now thanks to you.

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