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August 26 2011

Anthony Stewart Head Talks 'Free Agents' and 'Buffy'. Short interview on the Collider website; ASH talks about his new NBC show (premieres 9-21-11), Comic-Con and answers the inevitable question about a Buffy reboot without Joss.

Some words are missing in this article.
Not that I feel strongly about it.
Thanks to the "PTB" that corrected the headline.

(As Willowy would say, "lose the asscaps.")
Other than that, I enjoyed the interview. I love that Tony speaks his mind openly - he gave seven years of his life to that show, and it's only natural he would want it treated with respect.

And I love that he still thinks of them all as a family, and does his best to stay in touch with them. And that he's happy so many of them are working. It really is fantastic.
Even though it's a sitcom, I'm going to give it a try - basically because ASH is in it and thinks highly of it. He has pretty good taste. :)
The only thing keeping the Buffy reboot thing alive at this point is people asking Anthony Head about it.
Yeah, we haven't really heard anything about the reboot in what? At least a year?

I may (if the gods allow) never happen at all. Let's stop asking ex-cast members. We already know they don't approve.
It's the new Arrested Dev movie question, won't ever stop!
Here's a completely off-the-wall thought, but...does anyone think perhaps the Kuzuis are trying to reboot the franchise because they don't like where Joss is going with the comics?

I mean, don't they kinda feel like they own Buffy? (As if anyone could!) So maybe this is their way of taking...artistic control back, to make her what they wanted her to be?
I think the Kuzuis wanted to cash in on the current vampire craze and make a quick buck. Artistic control doesn't really come into it.
If the Kuzuis wanted artistic control over Buffy they might have said or done something during the seven years it was a TV show. As it stands, they never lifted a finger and yet got paid and credited for every single episode.

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