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August 26 2011

Catching up with Marc Blucas. Watch the trailer for Marc's new film 'Stay Cool' with Chevy Chase and Winona Ryder, read about his current gig on 'Necessary Roughness' and his status as a San Antonio 'Spurs Groupie.' And I included this ESPN article for the cool photo of Marc playing hoops. (I can't tell if he's about to "finger roll" a basket or if he's rebounding.)

And in other Riley Finn news, Ivana Milicevic (Sam Finn) has a new movie being released on DVD/Blu-ray. This is the eighth film in The Howling movie franchise.

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I also swear that is him in the trailer for the upcoming series "Revenge" on the CW, the main character's father. It's flashback style and he is only up for a beat.

ETA: So he was replaced by James Tupper since NR got picked up. But I guess the still used him from the pilot. Weird.

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I always like him in Buffy, felt sorry for him the way she treated him. Am I the only one that liked Riley? He is so cute on NR.
Also liked Riley, though it took getting to season five for it to kick in. Hope Marc's new show does well.
rehabber, I'm a multiple minority here. I liked Riley, didn't think much of Tara, and more.
I like Riley more each time I watch the series. Marc Blucas really is a wonderful actor. He did a guest role on Castle in season 2 and as far as I'm concerned, he's the best guest star they've ever had.
I think there's a distinction between liking the character of Riley as a person and liking him together with Buffy. Riley was a really nice guy. I just didn't think he and Buffy ever really meshed as a couple. I never saw any real chemistry there myself, but setting aside even that opinion:

They had no common outside interests.
They couldnít talk to each other.
They didn't share a sense of humor.
They couldn't be honest with each other.
They didn't trust each otherís judgement.
They couldn't lean on each other.
And they certainly couldn't be vulnerable with each other.

So, I mean, why were they together? That is nothing against either character as a person. Some couples just aren't meant to be.
@BreathesStory, I disagree, he fought with her against The Gentlemen and would have even more IF she had been honest and trusted his judgment. All the things you listed were because Buffy could not open up and except help. So when I said I liked Riley, I meant as a character and that I felt sorry for him, because of the way Buffy treated him. I did not like Buffy with anyone, she was way to mean to them all. Like how she acted with Angel when she found Faith with him. OK for her to jump into bed with who ever, but Angel better toe the line. I think I just never really liked Buffy, only watched the last 4 years because of Spike.

I never confuse person with character. I am loving Marc's character in NR.
Plus his character did make the point that Buffy kept being drawn into destructive relationships. She gets one guy who loves her and is devoted to her good, and he just doesn't interest her.

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