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August 26 2011

D.B. Woodside heading to 'Parenthood'. He'll be doing a five episode arc on the show.

D.B. stands for David Bryan btw.

I've already been meaning to check this out thanks to the authorial presence of Mr. Jason Katims, as well as Peter Krause and Lauren Graham (and, of course, the extraordinarily tentative Joss connection). This will only help matters.

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It's a very entertaining show, Jobo. Not perfect, but there are elements that are extremely well done.

And everyone you mentioned, Lauren Graham especially, make it wholly watchable at all times. D.B. can only make it even better.
I adore this show because it's so down to earth. I'm absolutely in love with these characters. It's not for everyone, but it's a gem if you ask me.

God how I'm looking forward to this. So crazy that the premiere is in only just over 2 weeks!
I love this show! I'm a sap, I always cry. lol
I love this show. Season premiere is on September 13 (same as "Ringer". What a great day it will be!

Lauren Graham is my favorite actress on TV. I just can't have enough of her, I get lost in her eyes. Parenthood is an awesome show and the best thing on network TV these days (along with "The Good Wife").

Seems like D.B. will spice things up on the show and i can already see where his storyline will lead.
Great news! Love the show too (though I had no idea it would be starting so soon - yay!) and I think D.B. should be a great addition.

I agree with under rug swept that "Parenthood" propably is the best network show on TV right now together with "The Good Wife." And I would never have even tried either one if it hadn't been for "Sports Night's" Peter Krause and Josh Charles (who is on "The Good Wife") and Lauren Graham (who are all excellent as always in their respective series).

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