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August 26 2011

Marvel to release 'Road To The Avengers' movie tie-in. It'll collect the movie continuity comic book mini-series 'I Am Iron Man', 'Iron Man Security Measures', 'Iron Man 2: Public Identity', 'Iron Man 2: Agents Of SHIELD' and 'Captain America: First Vengeance'. And Joss' Astonishing X-Men run will conveniently get reissued as two "Ultimate Collection" tpbs.

Perfect time to buy a full version of Astonishing. Been slowly buying the original run, but it's hard to come across the variant covers.

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You know, I've been buying the New X-Men (the series that Joss continued in Astonishing X-Men) in Ultimate TBP's. For anyone looking for Joss's run, I'd say it's much more pleasant to buy the 4 separate TBP's. Gives you more of a sense of closure for each arch somehow.

Also, I don't see how anything X-Men related has anything to do with the Avengers, so why they would tie Joss's run into the movie is unclear to me.
I think Joss directing the Avengers makes him a "hot" writer. So they will want to re-publish things he's done as they know more people will buy it.
The original 2 hardcovers of Joss' Astonishing X-Men sit very nicely next to my 3 hardcovers of BKV's Runaways on my shelf!
i will buy these comics with pleasure.
I suggest buying the Omnibus of Joss' run. It collects everything, plus extras. It's fantastic, and probably my favorite 'comic' (if you can still deem in that) I've spent money on. Totally worth it. I bought it off of ebay for 60-80 bucks, but I've seen them recently for like 40. Great deal for something like that!
The first picture on the link is great. I want a great Wallpaper with all the cast so bad!

I read Joss' run and, not surprisingly, it was great. I might be buying it again!

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