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August 28 2011

J. August Richards would like us to wish him a Happy Birthday! I hope he has a very happy birthday (and I'm feeling guilty that I still haven't seen his Warehouse 13 episode yet, it is on my DVR).

Happy birthday, cutie.
We wish you a happy birthday
We wish you a happy birthday
We wish you a happy birthday
Once more with ALL CAPS

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I wonder if he ever comes here.

Happy birthday J.A.R. ! To celebrate, I watched him in W13, Grey's Anatomy and The Mentalist. He's so lovely :)
Happy birthday!
happy birthday, have another great year!
Hippo, birdie, two ewes...
And a pinch to grow an inch, a sock to grow a block,
and I'll see you on W13 ASAP.
Happy Birthday J!!!!!
I already birthday'd J. on Twitter but he just tweeted he loves Whedonesque. Awwwww.
Yes, zoinkers, isn't great to know that JAR comes to Whedonesque (and loves us!? I'm just happy he doesn't find us creepy! LOL).
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday!! and many more!
J. August Richards sounds a little needy, but I'll wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! anyway.
Happy Birthday JAR! Hope to see more of you soon. I'm a big fan. Miss you.
And a happy (if embarrassingly belated) birthday from me!

Hope you had a good day, J.

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