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August 29 2011

Slayer : the presentation of the unaired pilot of Buffy. This seems to be the very first trailer that either the WB or Fox made for the show, when the network still wanted to call it "Slayer".

Joss talks about it in the dvd extra "Back to the Hellmouth".

This is pretty cool. Lots of shots that aren't in the aired pilot.
I don't think any actual shots from the original mini-pilot made it into the actual pilot, did they?
This is more the Buffy equivalent to the "Angel" presentation than the full original pilot with Willow-take-1, since the Angel presentation wasn't an "unaired pilot" despite being labeled as one.

The actual episode "Welcome To The Hellmouth" and its follow-up included re-shot versions of scenes in the original pilot, but that's about it - just re-creations, not re-uses.
Wow. So much weird in that. Different Willow, different Principle (I swear I've seen him before in stuff. Anyone else with me?), different library, Giles quoting Hamlet... so weird. Interesting, but weird.
That was kind of neat. I wonder if anyone has the actual first promo for the show that aired?

I also found this one in the related videos. Too bad it's choppy and cut short at the end:
Giles_314 - Stephen Tobolowsky. He's been in lots of things - lately; Glee, Heroes, Californication.
That was facinating to watch.I've seen the orginal pilot with the different Willow but I've never seen this until now.
I seem to recall a long version of the very first part of that clip. History of the Slayers or something? It was about 5 minutes long, I think. But it didn't include any scenes from the unaired pilot.

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Nice proto-promo for Buffy. I think maybe they should have started the pilot, or the first six episodes, with a short blurb about a past Slayer or two to let us know what this "Slayer" thing is all about. I'd rather see that than anyone trying to "reboot" Buffy.
Well ... Btvs the series was a reboot. *g*
That was a really nice promo. It made it look much more horror oriented than it turned out though, didn't it? ;-)

You know, you can watch all 25+ minutes of the unaired pilot at Buffyworld. It's really tiny, but it's there. And it really did get a whole lot better, thank TPB.
menomegirl, if I recall correctly, the original Buffy premiere was preceded by a series of those "historical slayer" clips. Can't remember for certain, but I believe this was the case.

Watching the unaired pilot is always fun for historical purposes, and not a ton else. Not sure why my version has Italian subtitles, though...
I think it was actually a WB promo that "introduced" the idea of s Slayer, followed by a trailer.
YouTube also has the unaired pilot at
I've seen this before. Pretty sure there is more than one History of the Slayers promo. I don't remember where I found them. Probably on a torrent site.

In the unaired pilot the vamp dusting was really bad with the special effects. It's fun to watch just to see how bad it is. I can understand why Joss said he hopes nobody ever sees it.

I always thought it would be cool to have a Slayer anthology show, like an adaptation of the Tales of the Slayers comic book or the same kind of idea - stories of past slayers.
yeah, you tube has at least another history of the slayer promo that's all just "historical" footage. here:
Nobody wants a reboot of the reboot though. ;)
The thought of a reboot of the reboot makes me want to boot.
You can watch the promo for the real pilot HERE.
I really think the line "That was my favorite spine" should've been used again...
nyrk, that looks like what I can remember. Only I thought it was longer. Hmm. Memory is a funny thing, isn't it? Thanks for the link!

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