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August 29 2011

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk talks "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" and Dollhouse. Spoilers on his new horror comedy, and a very insightful bit in the middle on how Alpha taught him to embrace his humorous side.

I would also advise readers that the trailer embedded at this link, while looking positively awesome, seems hell-bent on spoiling a lot of the pivotal events in the film, so to speak.
Tucker and Dale is finally showing in Detroit in the next month or so. I am utterly thrilled.
Thanks to the last bit of this interview I discovered I can (read: will) watch this OnDemand at home for a mere $9.99. Money well spent, and money to be spent soon.
Just a warning that it's pretty gory in parts (as anyone who's seen the red-band trailer will have some idea about), but still funny. I saw this at a horror film festival last October and enjoyed it.
I didn't like the movie that much but Alan is great, as usual. I don't know how much Cabin in the Woods will be like this, in terms of making fun of scary movie cliches; but this movie has some brilliant scenes doing that.

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