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August 29 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Buffy. She talks about her memories of Buffy and little tidbits of her personal life in a video interview with EW. First of two parts, the second will be posted tomorrow. And there's a new promo of the cast here.

Sarah? Oh… Sarah Michelle Gellar! When I saw just her first name it threw me off a bit. I'm so use to seeing her full name or just her initials.
Sarah! I'm so glad you have fond memories of Cruel Intentions. And that Buffy fulfilled you so much, artistically. Smashingly wonderful to hear that from your own lips.
It's always nice to hear her talk about Buffy, and things in general. The interviewer seemed to rush her a bit, though--like he was always jumping to the next topic before she had really said much about the current topic. Also seemed like they left a lot out ... talking about her old movies from the early Buffy days, but not some of her more recent work. But maybe it's only part of an interview, and there's more to come?
"First of two parts, the second will be posted tomorrow."
Oh yes, that was right there in the description, wasn't it? I really shouldn't type in public after a long day ... it never ends well. :-)
I can't put my finger on it, but she looks really different to me. Not older, just really different.
erendis there does seem to be an issue with editing of the article. E! News featured this same interview on their show. E News' interview is about a minute and a half longer than what EW posted today. They show footage of Sarah's early commercial work for Burger King. You can probably find E News version on youtube. There will be a part 2 featured on the E News program tomorrow.
I added the part 1 of 2 information and some other stuff after erendis commented. Since it was mentioned somewhere at the link but not entirely obvious at first glance. But now I don't see it there? Confusing!
It was on the site this morning my time.
"Money!?" LOL

I'm currently on Buffy season 5 in Nikki Stafford's rewatch and she looks just the same. I want that painting in her attic. ;)

It is so nice to hear her remember and think back on Buffy so kindly and to say it literally fullfilled her? That is wonderful. It fullfilled us too. :) Can't wait for her new show and imo, she looks just as beautiful as ever.
The less said of her more recnet work the btter :-).

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