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August 30 2011

Eliza Dushku added as a last minute guest at Dragon Con. The annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia USA is being held this year September 2-5.

And for us Europeans: Eliza will also be at a Starfury con (Second Vampire Ball) in London Sep 30 - Oct 2, along with Nicholas Brendon, Julie Benz, Clare Kramer, Mark Metcalf, Georges Jeanty and a couple of True Blood people. I will attend...
The guest list this year is already incredible, but HA! Sorry, I just performed a dance of joy on my bed.
She was great on the weekend at Fan Expo. And Rick was there, so big bonus!
Hmm, I'm actually gonna be near a convention for once! I wonder if I'll have any time to visit between attending a wedding and driving to Mississippi...
Anybody know what panel she's gonna be on, or what she'll be doing there?
I'm so excited!! I've never been to a con before, Dragon*Con will be my first.

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