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August 30 2011

18 things you didn't know about Firefly. It's an infographic that's currently doing the rounds.

One thing the article writer didn't know about Firefly: the ship's not called The Serenity. (Ha. I got there first.)

This was enjoyable, though! I love the little memories like the red button.
there's a 19th thing, for me at least, I won't ever be going to as long as I'm a Firefly fan, so I guess never. There were only 3 things I didn't know which were not at all insightful, the rest was very common knowledge for Firefly fans. So this SEO link bait was kind of an annoying time waster.

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I'm a Firefly fan and I did not know a great deal of this. I quite enjoyed reading it. So there!
I liked it well enough. There was plenty I didn't know such as the thing about Neil Patrick Harris (though that I may have heard before and forgotten) and his coat, the bit about the anime and the Han Solo figurine.

ETA: so basically what Dana5140 said just before me.

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"...China and the USA merging..."?!

Nice grasp of world politics there.

the Groosalugg, That coat was originally made for "Alien: Resurrection", which was written by Joss and filmed on the same stages as Firefly.
Is there anyplace that has a list of the scenes/episodes with Han Solo in them?
Did not know they did that.
"Drop the 'the'. Just Serenity. It's cleaner."
Even though I knew most of it, it was worth the timewaste to read the bit about the Out of Gas button. It possibly brought a tear to my eye.
My favorite trivia bit that's not in the infographic: In "The Train Job", there's a NASA space shuttle docked at Niska's space station.
The things I didn't already know (or had forgotten about) were:
Power Rangers set.
The exact details of the Outlaw Star connection.
The bodycount.
The coat.

I suppose that's something.
I knew some things (Han Solo, Serentiy flying in the sky during BSG Laura cancer scene) but others I either never knew (don't think I knew Neil Patrick Harris auditioned to play Simon Tam) or forgot (I forgot the labcoat) so it was nice to see everything listed.
I knew of most of these, with the exception of the Power Rangers set, the Lab coat and the body count. I knew of the Han Solos but could never spot them, thanks for the link on that, Simon.
that made me feel just a little homesick.
Excellent post! I wasn't aware of Neil Patick Harris' bit or that Walsh stoled the red button for Joss.

Thank you, Simon!
I believe you mean that Walsh stole the red button for Josh. ;)

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