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August 30 2011

A brief interview with Olivia Williams in which she talks about the development of her character in Dollhouse and Sunday afternoon theatre.

Saw this on my way to work this morning (for those not in the know, the Metro is a free UK paper given away at train stations in the morning, so it likely had a very high readership.) I was very irked by the ridiculousness of the opening question, but she had a good answer.

Considering how much Olivia Williams has been in, I was surprised Dollhouse was mentioned. Always nice to see nice words about the show though.
Yeah, I rolled my eyes when I read that first one, but she did do a *great* job w/ it.

Loved this bit about Dollhouse's Adele:

"I have this theory Gertrude from Hamlet has a drinking problem so I played her drunk, aided by Jossís Californian chardonnay. The next week my character developed an alcohol problem on the show."

Oooh, hence all that lovely vodka. ; >

Man, she would make a stellar Gertrude.
What really won me over to her acting (not that I hadn't been before) was her/Adele's drooling on her deskpad after passing out from her "alcohol problem" on the show--and then regaining her composure afterwards. I just loved the realism of the moment and her willingness to "drool" on cue.
When is Joss going to make a Shakespeare film?

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